We offer excellent electrostatic painting services. The oven used in the electrostatic painting process is roomy, with 8500 mm length, 2500 mm height and 2500 mm width, according to many types of materials that become more resistant to corrosion and also get a commercial look.

Electrostatic painting is the most advanced surface treatment available, as follows:

- Unlimited appearance options: the color palette is practically unlimited
Color: almost all color and gloss combinations are available
Texture: paints come with either fine or textured texture.

- Color stability: powders are grouped into two basic categories, in terms of color and gloss degradation due to sunlight, in Class 1 and Class 2, the second being 3-5 times more resistant.

- Scratch resistance: the texture of the paint improves its resistance to scratches and, therefore, the handling of the profiles, as well as their daily use becomes more durable. Textured colors are more resistant in this aspect, while smooth shades are more vulnerable.

- Easy maintenance: Simple rinsing or easy cleaning with soap and water will bring the powder-coated surface back to its original appearance.

Dimensions of electrostatic painting oven