Metal structures and corresponding parts:


All kinds of metal structures up to the weight of 3.5 tones can be built


• Support structures for industrial halls

• Structures supporting facades

• Steel frame houses (welded prefabricated parts)

• Overhead passageways

• Runways of overhead cranes

• Industrial Walkways

• Industrial welded platforms

• Bridges and corresponding structures

• Support structures of lifting equipment

Mechanical – welded components


SThey contain components machined parts or which are to be machined or welded both before and after welding:


• Components of equipment
• Frameworks of machinery
• Supporting Frame equipment

Industrial and urban furniture


There are metal confections used in both industrial process and aesthetic purposes:


• Metal stands - roller, wheel or fixed
• Handling of goods: raw materials, parts, tools and waste
• Supporting or fixing devices
• Rotating Trays
• Pedestrian platforms
• Anti Shock Protection
• Protective for falling railing
• Gliding
• Covering devices
• Support Tool Support
• Retention trays (steel or stainless)
• Presentation Support
• Metal Desktop (fixed or mobile)
• Metal lockers
• Metal Lockers

Industrial devices


There are several sets of interrelated elements that work together in order to perform one or more operations:


• Welding devices: automatic, semiautomatic or manual assisted and unassisted
• Devices for retouch / rework
• Threading or screwing devices
• Control devices: traction compression checking couple
• Dimensional and visual control devices
• Handling devices snap fastening or transport (some of them can be ISCIR regulated)
• Turning or repositioning devices: automatic, semiautomatic or manual


Transport devices that can be:


• Ground conveyors: with rollers, with chain (gall, modular chain mesh or chain) with belt, with rakes, motorized or gravity designed, automatic or with manual control
• overhead conveyors which can be: gravity or motorized designed, with automatic or manual command
• Elevators for climbing or descending with automatic or manual control with pneumatic or electric drive
• Conveyors-storage units
• Machine tool feeding conveyors (washing or treatment)
• Conveyors feeding the cutting saw or drilling device
• Chain conveyors
• Conveyors for hard processing conditions (stainless steel or non-metallic materials)
• FIFO Conveyors
• Pneumatic or electrical selectors


Fluids Installations:


• Pumping Groups
• Drawn pipes
• Viaducts fluids
• Technical gas equipment

Lifting Equipment (ISCIR regulated)


• Fixed Overhead transporting belts with fixed points (KBK configuration, STHAL or Europrofiles) with electric hoist, manual chain hoist or pneumatic hoist (antiex)
• Fixed point (Bollard) cranes (swiveling crane)
• Units comprised of Stachal or KBK component equipped with pneumatic or mechanical balancing device
• Water interim lifting devices in order to serve temporarily in a certain location

Industrial automation


• Automation for overhead conveyor FIFO
• Automation for electro-pneumatic conveyors
• Automation for electro-pneumatic returning devices
• Automation for cooling device with indexation in 90º


The automation projects include designing the electric circuits, manufacturing the electric panels, PLC programming, tests performing, devices putting into function, staff training at the beneficiary’s headquarters and also providing the corresponding technical documentation.



Mechanical designing


• Feasibility study research and mechanic designing of any technological necessities as well as transposing the 3D imaging into the 2D plan in order to be manufactured
• Dimensional analysis as well as monitoring the highest efficiency in manufacturing a product
• Calculation of the compression traction loading efforts, and their technical moments
• Issuing calculation reports as well as product analysis files
• Animation designing of devices functioning or parts assemblies within a certain stage or at the end of the manufacturing process
• Risks analysis both from the exploitation point of view and also from the maintenance point of view
• Ergonomics index quantification


Automation and electric installations


• Automation projects performing applied on all types of producers: Schneider Electric, Siemens, etc.
• Automation projects performing concerning the operating and the commanding part
• Sensor devices projects performing
• Performing and analysis of low voltage electric networks


Machines renting or service vehicle


The company owns the following machines which can be rented both with or without operator:
• Tellehendler Catterpilar, 3.5 tones H=11.5 m
• Manitou Lifting Platform H=18 m
• BOBCAT Mini excavator


Goods transportation


• Van 3.5 tones, Renault Master – transportation platform length 5.5 m with protection covers, double rear axle.
• Van with metallic body structure, 3 tones, Opel Combo.
• Van, Dacia Logan Pick Up, 3.5 tones
• Van, Mercedes Vito, 6 seats with storage compartment


Processing Services


• Oxigas-Plasma cutting with CNC
• Mechanical Processing
• Electrostatic environment painting (available since 2016)
• Sanding (available since 2016)

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