Transfer systems, conveyors and storage systems

Sigma Team Tehnology designs, executes and installs transfer systems, conveyors and storage systems.

• Automation of FIFO air conveyors;
• Automation of electro-pneumatic conveyors;
• Electro-pneumatic inverter automation;
• Cooling device automation with 90º indexing;
• Ground conveyors: roller, chain (gall, chain or modular chain), belt, scraper, motorized or gravity, automatic or manual;
• Air conveyors which can be: gravitational or motorized, automatic or controlled;
• Automatic or manual lift / lower lift, pneumatically / electrically operated;
• Conveyors-storage;
• Machine tool feed conveyors (washing or treatment machine);
• Feeding conveyors for cutting saws or drills;
• Chain conveyors;
• Conveyors for heavy conditions (stainless steel or non-metallic materials);
• FIFO conveyors;
• Pneumatic or electric selectors.